5 Days Package

Barista Course

1 person = 1 Espresso Machine, 1 Coffee Grinder, 1 Set Espresso Tools and individul chiller

Making Great Espresso in Fundamental Barista Course

Learn how to extract a balance cup of Espresso and how to pour Cappucinno or Cafe Latte

Fundamental to Manual Brewing Course

Learn how to extract coffee without Espresso Machine

Time to Take a Break

Enjoy some Bite Size Snack

Choose from our range of snacks and pastries to accompany you cup of coffee. 

Humanity Runs on Coffee.

Lets Get Together @KoffieNation

Inform Our Barista How Do You Like Your Coffee. 


Introduction to Coffee

Learn about coffee history, how coffee process to become coffee beans, what are different types of coffees.

Fundamental Barista Course

Learn how to make perfect espresso, how pour cappucinno / cafe latte and do maintenance for machine and grinder.

Fundamental Manual Brewing

Make a perfect cup of coffee without using machine, learn what parameters affecting your coffee extraction.

Sensory Evaluation

Discovering all aromas and flavors that consist in the roasted coffee beans. Experience five taste buds while cupping.

Coffee Roasting

Learn about roasting process, cycles, levels and all that matters affecting flavor and aromas in roasted coffee beans.


Coffee and Non-Coffee workshop will be deliver to add information to your coffee skill and sense.

Our Class



“Koffie Nation is great, excellent and service very good. The mentor is very knowledgeable, and the course two hours is very good. ……”


Fun Brew Course (2 days)

The course is very useful, in term of theory and practical very dense. Not just the S.O.P but all the fundamentals...”


Barista Course Package (5 days)

The course is very exciting, because the instructor is both warm and detailed..

Newyerina Siregar

Barista Course Package (5 days)

Brewing Room

Our brewing room is ready for you to sharpening your skill to extract espresso or even your latte art pouring. Talk to us to have your session to practice you barista skill.

Roasting Room

Wonder to practice more from your coffee roasting course program? need to roast but no roasting machine? Talk to us to have your session to practice you coffee roasting skill.


After your Fundamental Barista Course program, you have a change to have store experience in our coffee shop. An experience as a real barista and understanding the workflow.

Our Coffee Shop


when you enjoying a cup of coffee, always a nice pairing with our range of snacks to complete your day.

Rice Dishes

Koffie Nation range of rice dishes will bring grin to your tummy,. Make sure you made your choices

KN Coffee

Enjoy our range of coffee for your selection, from espresso to milk based drinks. Just ask our barista for your preference.


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